Community Alternatives was founded in 1989 upon a belief that all individuals are entitled to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. Our agency has become a leader in Western Pennsylvania in the delivery of innovative, community-based, family-focused services. Our staff is committed to continuous innovation and improvement in the implementation of cutting edge approaches to our communities’ most difficult needs. 


Provided in seven counties in Western PA, Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) involve team building and creative service development. Program staff develop individualized services with a child and family team in accordance with CASSP principles, while planning, service, and support is provided across traditional boundaries. The treatment team includes Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS), Mobile Therapy (MT), and Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC) services as well as highly- trained clinical directors.

 In line with our commitment to provide cutting edge services to children and families, the agency has taken aggressive steps to ensure that our staff are highly trained. This ongoing training includes: Functional Behavioral Assessment, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Sexual abuse, Trauma and Attachment, and Autism. Community Alternative’s training at the new hire level, annual training standards, as well as in weekly specialized clinical supervisions are designed to exceed industry standards.


Our commitment to quality is evident in the level of clinical oversight and supervision. All staff receives at least weekly clinical supervision as well as intensive family-systems supervision to ensure that our clients and their families receive the highest quality treatment. The agency provides specialized supervision for children diagnosed with Autism, sexually abusive/aggressive behaviors, Trauma, as well as those cases involved with CYS. 


The Community Alternatives commitment:

  • Rapid case opening within 24 hours of receiving the referral

  • Access to a wide range of supportive services

  • Quality customer care

  • Local presence and access to the Regional Program Directors

  • Family service and support regarding service expectations, the BHRS process, assistance with psychological evaluations, how to obtain BHRS services, friendly client support

  • Collaboration and coordination with other service providers to ensure the best therapeutic outcome

  • We strive to assist clients with treating the symptoms while strategically working to reduce dependence on clinical services. We follow the CASSP principles and encourage the utilization of community and natural supports and resources.


700 Scotland Avenue | New Castle, PA
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